We create Amazing Worlds with Stories and Relatable Characters
that Excite Audiences Around the World.

Amigos is a production studio formed by world class experts differentiated by quality of storytelling and innovation in advanced cinematography.

Mission Statement


  • To care and inspire creative content creation
  • To empower the creative industries


  • To use and innovative elegant solutions that bring stories to life

Goals and Objectives

  • To create a world class production company & creative development studio
  • To service the industry as a centre of excellence in content creation and education
  • To improve the quality and scope of visual storytelling
  • To reduce the cost and time of production
  • To push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology


  • By providing start to finish technical & creative solutions for the entire project
  • By developing flexible pipelines and services tailored to project needs
  • By creating engaging and emotive characters for the entertainment industry
  • By helping determine the right tool for the job at each stage in the production process