We Create Amazing Worlds With Exciting Stories And Characters That Ignite Audiences Around The World.

Amigos is a production studio formed by world class experts differentiated by quality of storytelling and innovation in advanced cinematography.

The Amigos marries Creative Vision and Financial Control to deliver excellence through Unparalleled Expertise. Our mission is to help story & character step from the page into a fully believable and memorable life.

We live in a world of new media where ‘transformative delivery platforms’ compete for fresh and engaging content to retain and acquire subscribers whilst demanding advances in production practices to deliver at affordable budgets.

We are industry experts in film, TV, gaming and live entertainment who have been involved in many ground breaking projects.  We constantly push the boundaries of storytelling and character performances, along with innovations in creature technology, advanced cinematography and production workflows.  Combined, we have worked on over 500 shows and garnered more than 750 awards – including Oscars, BAFTAs, Emmys, Golden Globes

Mission Statement


  • To care and inspire creative content creation
  • To empower the creative industries


  • To use and innovate elegant solutions that bring stories to life

Goals and Objectives

  • To create a world class production company & creative development studio
  • To service the industry as a centre of excellence in content creation and education
  • To improve the quality and scope of visual storytelling
  • To reduce the cost and time of production
  • To push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology


  • By providing start to finish technical & creative solutions for the entire project
  • By developing flexible pipelines and services tailored to project needs
  • By creating engaging and emotive characters for the entertainment industry
  • By helping determine the right tool for the job at each stage in the production process